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A related field is now returning null. Was working until a few weeks ago

Hi! My database has been working fine until recently ( within last few weeks ). Users are now experiencing errors because a related field has now started to return null from a table.

There has been no modification to the database for a year, so I’m perplexed why this is happening. The field in the data view looks OK too:


My App ID: 92C707CF-705C-5547-FF37-797813690A00

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi Dan,

This happens because the blend_item data table explicitly prohibits not authenticated users from retrieving data:


Thank you so much Mark! You were correct. I’m still confused how this happened as it was working up till a few weeks ago. I have no recollection of changing this. Is there a way of checking to see when these permissions were modified?

Thanks again!

I doubt we’d be able to dig out when it was changed. Access logs for free apps are not stored for long enough, but the information would be there had we had it.


Understood. Interestingly, in getting things back up and running, I noticed the other tables also had the guest users’ permissions revoked. 3 tables in total. My users don’t login to use the database, it has only ever been guest user access. I had to reinstate guest users permissions on all tables to rectify the problem.

It’s all back up and running fine, though I thought you might like to know this happened. Thnaks for your quick support on this issue. Have a nice day!