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A team mate gets automatically removed almost every day

Backendless Version (3.x / 5.x, Online / Managed / Pro )


Application IDs


Expected Behavior

  1. Invite team member with the email
  2. We assign File and Data permissions.
  3. Member should remain in the team.

Actual Behavior

  1. Invite team member with the email
  2. We assign File and Data permissions.
  3. The next day the member disappears from the list.
  4. Have to invite the member again and assign permissions.

More Info

This is only happening with this member. The rest of the members do not get removed automatically.
Some days the member does not get removed, but at least 4 times a week we need to send an invite.
We have a third Application as our Staging, and this is not happening in that environment.
Staging Application ID: 76ACD585-6A5D-486D-8D55-8313511880F0
Staging is working fine. Only in the other two Applications we’re experiencing the issue.

Hi Ricardo,

This certainly should not be happening. The only thing that may cause a developer being deleted from the team is if they are explicitly removed from the team.

I checked that Ritu is part of the dev team now. Will check again in the morning tomorrow. If they are gone, we will scan the logs to see if there is a request to remove the developer.


Hi Mark! Thanks for your response. Indeed it is very strange and we can’t figure out what can be happening.
Yeah, generally this happens in the morning about 10 to 11AM EST.
Will keep an eye on the Applications tomorrow too to see if it happens again.

Hi @rmaturi

We’ve made and released some server-side changes which should prevent your teammates from getting automatically removed from a team. Hope this will never happen again :slight_smile:


This is great @anton-govorushkin ! Thanks!