A UseCase : Will Circular Relationships Ever Create a Problem

Suppose , I have a Relationship set up as 1:N From Table A to the Table A itself with the name of ‘Followers’
Suppose I have 5 Rows of data . Row 1 has the relationship ‘Followers’ with Row no : 2,3,4
Similarly , Row no : 2 has the Relationship with Row 1, 3 and 4
Will it ever Create a Problem ( along with the expansion of data Size) from the part of Backendless: I mean while doing BASIC CRUD operations over the Relationship.
I read up that a Relationship could be ‘1:1’ or ‘1:N’
Can it Be ‘Bi-Directional’ or is it just restricted to 'Uni-Directional ’

Hi Pujan,

It will not be a problem. Backendless supports circular relationships.

Regards Ilya