A way to audit API calls?

Looking at the analytics section I can see that my app is doing a lot of find calls:

This is a little unexpected and l cannot explain it by inspecting the code. Is there a (built-in) way to see a more granular log of what exact calls are being made? (e.g. table and query)

Hi @milen-marinov ,

You can additionally check amount of API calls for each of your API keys. It will give more detailed information about place from which endpoint was called.

Except for that there is no way go obtain more details, by default system tools, about API calls origin in your app.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks! However, I’m actually looking to find which tables are targeted and API keys won’t help with that as they are one per platform (which is already showing in the Analytics panel).

@milen-marinov ,

As a temporal solution, to avoid modification of client code, you can add event before/after event handler on “find” operation and log via custom logging name of the table and maybe some other information. It will increase general amount of API calls but will help you to locate targeted tables.

Regard, Andriy