Able to login multiple times

Hi ,
I am not using multiple login functionality. But till now i am logged in multiple devices.
And every api is working fine. How to logout from first logged in device when user tries to login in second device.

Is this how you have it in your configuration?</img>

Yes Mark,

It is configured in same way as it is in screenshot.

The issue was reproduced, the developer was assigned to fix this functionality.
Internal ID is BKNDLSS-12909.

Hi, Raushan!

What exact actions do you perform?
Can you try the following scenario?

  1. User A logs in.
  2. User A performs API call ( say, runs Backendless.Data.of( “SOME_TABLE” ).find async method ) and gets successful response.
  3. User B on second device logs in with the same credentials as User A.
  4. User B performs API call - it should succeed.
  5. User A (on the first device) performs another API call - it should fail at this moment since he has to relogin (he was logged out by the second user).

If this scenario works out - there is no problem with the functionality.
Please try it and tell us the results.

OK, Raushan!

We’ve nailed the problem you were talking about. We are solving it now.
Thanks for reporting about it!

We’ve made a fix for this issue and it will be available in the next release.