About Push heads-up Notification

Hi there, Sorry if this sounds obvious to some, but i just started using both flutter and backendless in about 2 months ago.

So, I was programming a feature that would be basically be an alarm of sort using a user determined value. But when i’m testing the push notification in flutter, it seems that the push notification came but it didn’t pop as a heads-up Notification.

I was using the custom notification because of the use case of my app, so i was wondering if there’s any way to make the notification become a heads-up notification?

Thank you in advance, Cheers!

Hello, @Henry_Alexander.

Does this issue exist on an Android or iOS os?

Best Regards, Nikita.

Hello, Nikita

For now the app still is being developed on android only, So only seen on Android for now. Thank you for the reply.

Do you receive notifications in the tray of your phone?

yes i did. it showed up on time and everything. if there’s one i’m also confused about, its how to make it have sound actually, because when it did show up and it vibrates it’s just not ringging. i’m wondering if there’s a header that’s not documented for android sound?

It is possible that push notifications are blocked on your device by default. Try to click on the push notification that comes to the tray, select the “more settings” column and enable the display of notifications.

Sorry for the late reply.

well for the other apps it behave as usual and when i checked, every single one of the setting is enabled. Still couldn’t get it through.