Access denied from Russia

Hello Backendless! My team is working for the app here in Russia and we were using Backendless platform for a long time - we have even payed for our developer account. But today we have found that access from our country is denied. This is not fair, because nobody here in Russia supports war (except crazy people), and we’re trying to make our business, but you’re killing us! We absolutely support sanctions for Russia, because sanctions doesn’t let our army receiving too much money, but why usual developers are blocked. Please explain, why that happens. We want our developer account back.

UPD: War has started 8 years ago in Ukraine, but in Russia we had war all the time. Every citizen in Russia has family member in Ukraine and we’re all in contact every second.

If you don’t support the war, say it so by getting out to the streets, protesting, making your voices heard. You need to do it in masses, stop being afraid. The fear and complacency of the people of your country now results in death, blood and destruction of peaceful life.

Backendless is not alone in this. Intel, AMD, Apple, all car manufacturers, FedEx, UPS and many others join this fight against your regime.

When you topple your nazi dictator, our sanctions will go away. Until then, the ban remains in place.

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