Account missing the app

I am coming back to my client account since we stopped dev 6 months ago due to pandemic. We are resuming operation now and I noticed that the account sort of “resetted”. I don’t see the app (and its database), even the application ID seems to have been changed.

The app ID from the code is DFD1BCFD-BC77-2EB4-FF48-89B874073800
and the email that it was supposed to be linked to is

Can you please help with this ? The data loaded in that app in the db was a lot of manual process and I hope we have not lost this


Hello @snakeeyes

Time to time the system cleanups applications without any activity and if it is not on paid billing plan.

We will check if we’ve got a backup of this app and let you know if we can restore it, but this operation is not free, for details please contact

Regards, Vlad

We have a backup of your app, in case if you need to restore it please contact

Regards, Vlad

Thank you
I sent an email to sales. I am surprised though that an app is recycled without an email or mention of this in docs. I mean we are talking about months in-activity not a year. And this is expected during the start of pandemic. You guys have been very supportive but this system cleanup should be mentioned in docs and at least send a warning to app owners before doing so

Actually we send emails several times before removing app, perhaps it went to spam folder.
Anyway, we will double check this notification system.

Regards, Vlad

Hmm. Okay weird we didn’t get any. Anyways, I reached out to sales. Thanks for confirming

It is actually written in the terms of service. See paragraph 1.6:

Yes but how do you define an “inactivity” in the TOS ? a day, month, year, 3 years…etc
Regardless, it is not about dissecting the TOS. I am just going with what “feels right”. Offcourse you have to cleanup unused resources. my only 2 comments were 1) notification of this (which Vladimir said you do) , and 2) longer duration for inactivity (1-2 years). If shorter duration then I would assume it should be “in your face” note not in a foot note (just so devs can prepared especially in times like this when things could stop and resume more frequently)

Point well taken, we will make the email notification more persistent. As for 1-2 years of free storage for apps which do not generate any revenue for the company… sorry, I’d love to bring free good to the world, but it needs to have more reasonable limits :wink:

Haha I agree. No free Lunch. I am just saying from what I have seen was typically 1 year. But yes just making the notification more apparent (or maybe some note about activity maintenance in "get started doc’ so expectation is set will be good).
Thank you

PS: Your free good is what ends up resulting in paycustomers like the 2 clients I brought :wink: so keep up the good work