Action not found

I have a php script that do GET/POST requests via a Baas’ REST api. It was tested working for another Baas. But when I fill the script with my Backendless’ account info, I get errors:

I did a GET request via php’s

$result = file_get_contents($url, false, $ctx);
with these url and headers
headers: application-id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
secret-key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
application-type: REST

and the response was:

Action not foundFor request ‘GET /v1/data/flower/’


Do you have the “flower” table in your application? If not, create it in the Backendless console and try the GET operation again.


Hi. Yes I have ‘flower’ and ‘Users’ in my app ‘testapp’. No data in either table though I think that matters not.

Could you please let me know your app id so we can look into it further?

Hi, I think I found the problem in your request - do not put slash at the end of flower/. So your request should look like this:


If you want to run it with curl, the command would be:

curl -H application-id:YOUR-APP-ID -H secret-key:YOUR-SECRET-KEY -H application-type:REST -X GET -v “

Thanks it works. Though, would be nice if / is also supported because as with other Baas

One could make an argument that the trailing slash at the end of URL changes the meaning of the request and looks like an incomplete query. Therefore in a way one could say that other Baas do it wrong.