Adalo and Backendless

Hi Backendless Community,

I’m using Adalo to build a web-app frontend and workflow.
I was expecting to use Backendless as backend using REST API but I’m facing issues when it comes to register new users.
Password field isn’t found by Adalo, and signup function doesn’t work.
Also, tables relationships don’t appear.

Is there anyone who faced the same problems and found a workaround?

Thanks for your help guys!


I am not familiar with how Adalo handles REST APIs. Could you please share more details about what you did to integrate with Backendless?


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply.

I added External Collection (Adalo’s 3rd party data tool name) using Backendless User table endpoint.
The Adalo response body is the same as Backendless but password field doesn’t show up and connection either.

Have you talked to Adalo support about?

Hi @mark-piller,

It seems that Adalo REST API feature isn’t fully developed yet and some field type aren’t recognized.

Must be time to give our UI Builder a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI @Flrn I wondered if this latest blog post relating to Adalo might help with your user registration issues


Hi @Graham_Reddie,

Thanks for sharing this.

This is great! I guess it will help the community. :wink:

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I’m really interested in integrating Adalo and Backendless, so I’m following the tutorial and everything is fine until I try to use SaveObject custom action at runtime.

While creating it the test is successful and one test record is created on backendless database.
The problem comes when I use the custom action at runtime, because it creates two records for each SaveObject call.
The former is correct and has the name and age values I wrote in the input fields and the latter has undefined value for name and age field and is created one second after the former.
Could someone please give me some advice about how solve this strange behaviour?

@DanielEnergy, this tells me that the value for name is not being passed in the second call. You need to check that on the Adalo side of things.

@mark-piller the problem is that there’s no second call, I do one call only but it creates two records, the former is correct, the latter is unrequested and unexpected.

Ok, I’ll check with Adalo support, thanks :slight_smile:

Yesterday I opened a support request, they haven’t answered me yet,
I haven’t changed anything about the call to Backendless to save the record,
but this morning the problem has disappeared! :slightly_smiling_face:
Morover I tried to replicate the problem with other tables, but everything is working fine :slightly_smiling_face: