Adalo issue with user-token

Having issues with passing the user-token in API calls using Adalo. I receive the user-token during login and save it to a “User Database” in Adalo. Unfortunately I’m not always able to have access to it when linking to new pages. Have their been issues with this before and any solutions? Adalo always seems to default to their User table.

Hi @Ron_Mansolo,

what do you mean by saying when linking to new pages?


It is simply connecting one page to another via a button or other action. Data is supposed to shared to the new page, but I cannot seem to get the Backendless user data to be shared.

When you navigate to a different page after user logs in, can you access the data you saved in the Adalo database?

Yes. I’m just testing the use of Backendless so I’m using the Person and City gatabases. I can access these databases easily but accessing the user-token has been difficult. My workaround so far has been to use the User database in Adalo and I added a column for user-token. When I log in the user-token is overwritten with the new token. When a new user in created they are creayed on the Adalo and the Backendless user database. I unfortunately still seem to have issues though passing the correct user-token in the header for API requests. Not sure what the issue is.

When you redirect control to another page in Adalo, can you pass any kind of arguments from page to page? I assume they would provide some kind of “session context” or something that would indicate that the same user is navigating through the flow…

Yes, the “Logged In User” from the Adalo user database. I’m sure I’m just missing something simple. Perhaps a second “how-to” video with some guidance on the Backendless “logged-in” user and also in regards to passing files to Backendless. I haven’t tried that yet.