Add a property based on relations


I’m trying to add a property to the elements of my table based on a condition. The basic concept is “if the record has a relation to the current user set the new property to ‘active’”. The user is identified by the deviceID. This is the setup I have so far:

The issue with this is that the DeviceId from the user table is not handled as an array. That means that the same record is repeated multiple times with different deviceIds.
I tried grouping the results and using the “distinct” property. Both resulted in results being only checked for one relation instead of all.
Thank you very much for your answer, any pointers are appreciated!


it is not possible to do with properties option. You will get the array if you use loadRelations but there you can provide only direct relation, so you can not point to the data from the parent table

Thank you Sergey, it’s unfortunate that this isn’t possible either.