Add Chat to my App

Hi, I would like to add the chat option between user to my existing App.

Chatly is a great sample and I’m already add all the necessary tables and columns to Users table.

But I need the dashboard page where handle all the chat with the code-less instructions.

How to do it step by step ?

My first attempt was copy the ui-build (Files/ui-builder/containers/default/pages/dashboard) but was not the only thing necessary…

In the middle time I’m copy one by one each Block and function with the code inside but with 3 full days, I’m still copying.

Thanks, Mario

Hi. We do not provide support in such types of work.
You may use blueprint as base for your goals and do all the changes in place (inside the app).
If you want that somebody help you with the specific task in your app, please contact the address –