Add Team Member Invitation Not Received

I am using Scale Plan.
I am trying to add a new team member. Email invitation never received.
I then try to add person as a user. They are told they need email verification, but it is never received.

Have they checked the spam folder? Please send me the email address of the user, I should be able to find the original message and forward it to you.

Yes, they have checked the spam folder. Nothing from backendless or from my backendless user id.
When he could not get a response initially, he tried the “resend” option. Neither attempt had sent an email.

Then I tried creating his ID in the USER table and sending him the creds. He then received a message, “You must confirm the email address”. I do not have email confirmation turned on.

New team member email is

Hi Richard,

Since we’re BCC’ed on the system-generated emails, we can see what goes out.

I see at least three emails sent to that user. I have forwarded the latest one to your email address so you can share with the user,