Add text in google maps marker

I retrieved location data from my table in database and render on a google map using UI Builder. Now i have points on map but marker pop ups are empty. I dont know how to add values from table into marker pop up for each point?

hello @Nikola_Vojinovic

what is your application id?

Its tutorial. Task: Use API to get data objects with location (POINT) data. I just want to know how can i put city name and population from table in each city marker popup -

uto, 17. svi 2022. u 15:27 Sergey Kukurudzyak via Backendless Support <> napisao je:

Hello @Nikola_Vojinovic

Add to every point from your table property title.


This is how i imported points.

My popups are empty.
I want city and population in it.
And this is my table.

How my logic must be and on witch event? Can you do it with exact properties like mine?

Hello @Nikola_Vojinovic,

As @viktor.liablin suggested, you should reorganise the points array with title, e.g:


Thanks. I only have one more question. Is there way text in pop up be in table like this?

I can suggest you to:

  1. Change the points array to make point store not the whole title but the necessary properties:

  1. Use the Google Map On Marker Click Event to show the specific content. You can use html to present point’s data as table, e.g.

HTML example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
table, th, td { 
	border: 1px solid black; 
	border-collapse: collapse; 
th, td { 
	padding: 5px; 
	text-align: left; 

<table style="width:75%"> 


This was also useful for me Thanks!

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