Adding Check boxes to a page

Hello everyone,

I need a tutorial on working with “adding checkbox” on a page

I want to have a couple of check boxes, which when ticked should
get stored in the database. Those check boxes will be task assigned
to a user.

Please let me know how can i do that, is there a tutorial for adding
check boxes ?

Thank you

Hello @Sayed_Ali

  1. User must be logged-in
  2. Create checkbox with logic below
  3. Result
    Users table:

If you need save this value in your table:
Logic: image


Regards, Dima

Hello Dima,

Thank you so very much for your revert.

I am actually CREATING users and assigning them TASK.

I am able to create users, but task was the issue , I want to
**have predefined task listed in check boxes that need to be **
selected by the admin while creating/registering the user.

CheckBox is the answer to my problem, but i don’t know how to
display them and store them in the DB while creating the user.

Please let me know if you need more clarity in my query ?

Thank you for all your time and assistance.

Table with users is a system table? Or you create new? You can provide your app id too, and I check how it’s looking in your app now.

Hello Dima

Yes i am using system generated user table and
my app id is : 47FE099E-C39C-FFDF-FF03-BD81EF81A500

Thank you so very much

You can do this:

On the change checkbox state, we save the current value to page/app data, and when register the user, we use property from page/app data.


Is it suitable for you?

Thank you so very much Dima ,

You are wonderful, It perfectly worked !!!

While we are on it, Can you let me know
how do we clear all the fields once our user is registered.

What happens is, once we click register, the user gets registered
but all the field are still displaying the entered items. I want to
clear them once register is clicked.

Thank you once again so so very much !!

In this case, you can use data binding and setting false/empty values (it be better in the previous case too)

  1. Bind value/checked state property to the page data
  2. Use onClick logic with button and reset the values

Here we have many tutorials and working with Codeless

Thank you so so very much, all my issues for the day have been resolved…

All thanks to you !!

I hope i can hear back from you again in the future for any issues that i have :slight_smile:

Take care

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