Adding new record error

Hi Guys

On a 3.0 backendless javascript app I am having an error saving a new row to a table.

This is my test code

var loyaltyObject = new LoyaltyPoints({
name: “Mike”

I then get an error when I try to save this object to Backendless with:

var savedPoints = Backendless.Persistence.of (LoyaltyPoints).save(loyaltyObject);

Error is: code: 1000, message: "Entity with the specified ID cannot be found: Id - ", statusCode: 403}

There are no contstraints in the LoyaltyPoints Table

I am referencing this sdk:

I don’t know if you need this but I also have this in my js

function LoyaltyPoints(args) {
args = args || {};
this.created = args.dateTime || “”;
this.loyaltyPointValue = args.loyaltyPointValue || “”;
this.objectId = args.objectId || “”; = || “”;
this.loyaltyPointType = args.loyaltyPointType || “”;


Many thanks


hi Mike
try to change this

to this one:

Yep nice one Vladimir. That fixed it.

Thanks, Mike