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AddItem with Codeless Shopping Cart API

The mission specs says:

You can use any client-side environment which can work with the code generated by Backendless.

I tried doing the login a bunch of different ways, but still get this error:

Not existing user token - [object Object]. Relogin user to update your user token


Try adding the “logout current user” block before the “try” block. The “logout current user” block is in the “User API” section.

Thanks for the quick reply! Same Error.
(Also, I checked the user name, and re-entered the password one more time.)

Hello, @Townsend

Could you try to use this as user-token input of the API-service block? And if it works, i explain why that happens.

Regards, Dima :slight_smile:

How w about running the page in incognito browser? Does it happen there?

@Dima_Vak That worked! No error was generated. (Got the “Done” message.")
And yes, I would like to know why it worked that way. user-token = system variable?
@mark-piller Though… the Order file was never created. Also tried Incognito.

@mark-piller just noticed…

After invoking the purchase() method, you should see the Order table created in the database.

Hey guys! Both of you. Thanks for the quick assist.

Great tech support here!!!

Login user returns a JavaScript object, and when you try to read an object like a string( user-token is a string - JS primitive) you got a [object Object].

Also, don’t forget - every login generate new user-token

Regards, Dima

Also, don’t forget - every login generate new user-token

So… user-token IS a system variable.
Is there a list of all system variables somewhere?

You can open the browser dev tools, go to Application page, and check Local Storage, every login saves a user to LS.