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Advice about structuring a messaging app

I was previously using Sendbird but now that Backendless has realtime capabilities I would like to consolidate my services. I was thinking of having one table for channels and one for messages with the channels having a one to many relation to messages in the messages table. The app would have real time listeners for the messages table and filter depending on the channel relation/id. Or would sending messages through the messaging service then saving it through cloud code events be a better idea? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!


The answer depends on your needs.
If you want to save all messages in the Backendless database it is better to use tables. Meanwhile Messaging Service works faster.


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Ah okay, so the best combination would be using messaging service for faster messages then saving to tables through cloud code events? Is there a limit to how many channels you can create through the messaging service?

You can create as many channels as needed but the number of messages you can send depends on your pricing plan.


Alright thanks, this is unrelated but is the forum using Backendless real time as well? I saw a typing indicator pop up haha