afterCreate not deploying

After I deploy, my beforeCreate appears but my afterCreate does not. If you check the code, the afterCreate is there. Please advise.

My app id is 1E86E574-4AF3-44A5-8DCA-17D8E56AFE53.

Have you seen message that Your application has exceeded a limit of the Business Logic deployment size on the current plan. All API calls will be blocked within 48 hours after the limit is exceeded. ?

Firstly, you need to solve it. After, please, check again if you still have this issue. And you will still have problem, let me know

I see that in the web dashboard but not in the deploy console logs. It would be useful to have some sort of warning saying it failed. Either way, it shouldn’t partially fail by only setting up one of my handlers and not the other.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Have you fixed your issue with limits?

That’s another issue: Increase size limit for server code