Aggregate Function issue

Task: Retrieve Data With Aggregate Functions

I believe I am getting the correct results, but am not getting the award.

URL: /data/Country? property=Continent&property=Count(name)%20as%20CountryCount&property=Min(LifeExpectancy)%20as%20MinLifeExpectancy&groupBy=Continent

Part of Response: {
“___class”: “Country”,
“Continent”: “Africa”,
“CountryCount”: 58,
“MinLifeExpectancy”: 37.2,
“objectId”: “AGO”

Hi, @Ron_Mansolo

It`s important to follow all the steps that are described in the missions in order to complete the task. You need to change your request


In the video attached to this task shows all the steps that have been performed. Also, you may find some useful information for you about this task in the support topic - here.

Please, make sure that API tracking is enabled (you may find it in Manage >> App settings section). If you still have any questions about this task. You can write to us, we are always happy to help.