Aggretation in Backendless?

I’ve read that Backendless does not currently support aggregate function as of the moment. So my question is, how would one do this alternatively?
Let’s say I want a report with average value monthly, quarterly and yearly?

Sorry for the noob question but I’m pretty new at the NoSql architecture. Normally in a SQL, I would do something like:

SELECT AVE(value), TRUNC(date,'M')
  FROM my_table


Hi Allen,

The aggregation functions are not supported yet, but are on our roadmap. We’re currently working on a major release, which will then include this functionality. Unfortunately, can’t provide any estimates yet.

Thanks Sergey.

Can you recommend any alternative approach in the meantime?

The only alternative for now is to do aggregation on the client manually.

Just to clarify that we’re on the same page, doing this “client manually” meaning using a local database like SQLite to store server data locally? Is this what you meant?

I mean, you can load all the data and then group it into some Map or anything. You don’t actually need a local database for this.

Sounds good.