Alert UI UI Component Library failed to import from Marketplace

Application ID: 48E1907B-6610-DA85-FF12-5F02A67E2C00
Error UID: fb799d49-01f0-4a84-a97c-7d872650ca8d

Internal Server Error with ID fb799d49-01f0-4a84-a97c-7d872650ca8d. The development team is already aware of this fault and is working on a fix.

Crashed when I tried to load the Alert UI Component from Marketplace

Hello @William_Lee,

Thank you for the report, I was able to reproduce this issue.
I have created an internal ticket in order to fix it [BKNDLSS-31723].
Once it is fixed, we’ll let you know here in this thread.


Hello @William_Lee

I apologize for the long response. We have fixed this issue. Could you please confirm that everything is working for you?