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Alexa App working in Amazon Console, but not on the device

Has anyone had this experience?

Actions taken:

  1. built Alexa API service in codeless using the Alexa SDK.
  2. configured an Amazon skill and tested it successfully on the amazon developer console.
  3. enabled the skill on the Alexa iPhone app.
  4. echo dot does not recognize the invocation. (responds with sound only).

Peculiar because I’ve previously interacted with skills on this device, so I know it can work.

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Hi Rori,

This would be outside of our control. The logic you created with Backendless can only respond to what’s sent our way. As to why an intent is not recognized when you initiate it on the phone, I do not know. I recommend asking that question the Alexa support team.


Hi Mark.

Amazon Alexa treats English (US) as an entirely ‘different language’ than English (CA). My Echo Dot could not communicate with the Alexa Skill because they weren’t speaking the same language! After changing the setting it worked perfectly.

Were you adding “, eh?” at the end of your Alexa question? :slight_smile:

Ha No. But for fun I’ll put that into the text block.

Thanks for all Mark. This code less thing has really bridged a development gap I never thought possible.

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