An internal error: "We are working on it."

Been having a blast learning Backendless! Love the Mission structure.
So far, completed 19. (Many more to go.)

Though, right now when I click on FRONTEND, I get this:

Is this anything I should be concerned about? When I create a New Application, the FRONTEND Codless editor seems to be working fine. Can I continue my Mission work on this new application? Or are my credits and standing somehow locked to my original application?

Note: now that I know how to Zip files, I can copy the necessary Mission files to the new application if need be.

Hi Paul,

Glad you like the Missions experience and thank you for learning Backendless. Please let us know the application ID where that error occurs so we can look into it.

Your missions progress is not attached to a specific app, you can perform tasks in any app and it will count.


App ID: E0656685-6A32-1D02-FF24-88036F9F6900

No rush to fix this. There’s lots of other (non Mission) video tutorials that I can work on.

Though, I did notice that the Mission Files: Country & WorldWonders cannot be exported with a trial account. And neither show up in a File Search.

PS: the new App ID is: CAA21524-8666-2BDF-FF58-C3E148199200. If you could just copy the two Mission files over there, I’ll just delete the first app.

Hi, @Townsend

That`s right, export is available only on paid plans. You can import these tables to your new account from the Missions.


Hello @Townsend

Your UI-Builder app has been restored. There was a problem with our FileSystem.
And we’ve taken steps to prevent this in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, Vlad