Android Device Registration

If I remove an Android device from the console, then try to register it from the client, nothing happens. I don’t get error messages, nothing shows up in the console, and my overridden methods of onRegister and onError don’t get called. I have no idea why this is happening

Hi, Ali Adel Sadeq,
How the device was registered? Is there a particular reason to cancel device registration from console?

The device was registered from the client side. I’m just experimenting with registering a device to different channels. And then I would remove a device from a specific channel from the console and I’m no longer able to register the device on any channel

Hi Ali,
We can not reproduce the problem. Please try to update the console devices page.

What do you mean by updating the console devices page?

I mean updating browser page (press F5).

Yeah I’ve done that multiple times and I’ve tried different thing from the client side. Still can’t register the device.

Never mind, I finally figured it out. Instead of just using Backendless.Messaging.registerDevice, I used it in conjunction with Backendless.Messaging.registerDeviceOnServer and it’s working fine