Android notification set Priority

i noticed that the android users get the notifications late (about 3-5 minutes)
how can i set the Priority for the notifications in codeless

Hi @mohammad_altoiher

Unfortunately, we don’t have such a header.
Please specify your appID and how many android and ios users do you send messages to?


Hey I’m on pro version.
this happen only to android devices. even if i send it to one device.
so this option is not accessible from codeless?

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

we have misunderstood each other. When @Viktor_Mudrevsky said about priority he was thinking about priority on the server-side. The priority you are taking about is a priority on the client-side FCM メッセージについて  |  Firebase Documentation

So you should create a template with priority and use block to send the template

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is there an example or screenshot of how to use the template block in codeless? i have created the template.

Hello @mohammad_altoiher!

You need to use this block in this way:


I’m less knowledgeable on what properties names i pass to “template values”? and is there a reference i can see the list of properties?

You can pass smart-text in the template values.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation on Publish Push Notification with Template yet, but you can always ask a question on this forum and we will be happy to help you!


if i get the whole picture on how to setup the smart-text and passing the value for one item then i will do it for the rest.

so what i need to do here?

Hi @mohammad_altoiher ,

You can use your custom placeholders in the push notification template. Placeholder consists from the name wrapped by curly brackets ({test_placeholder}).

When you send push notification using template with placeholders, you should pass values for placeholders using template values field. This field should contain a map in which keys are placeholders names without curly brackets and values are real values which should be placed instead of placeholders. In case when for some placeholder value is not provided that placeholder will be replaced by empty string.

Regards, Andriy


how can i pass the deviceId to the template. there is no smart text there.

@mohammad_altoiher ,

It is not possible to pass device ID to push message which will be sent to that device.

Regards, Andriy

that’s not useful to only send it to group of people and not a targeted device

i still need to send push notification to a user android device from codeless with high priority

Hello @mohammad_altoiher,

an internal ticket BKNDLSS-28202 is created to add Smart Text support for the Segment definition in the WHO section for Push Notification Templates. We’ll notify here as soon as it is done.


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