Angular and Backendless API Service

Hey there,

We have deployed a few custom API Services to Backendless and are wondering how to go about calling them from an Angular/Ionic application using the JavaScript SDK. Calling tables directly is simple using the Backendless.DataQueryBuilder and the user service is already included in the Backendless object. How do we set up to call the custom services using the SDK or should we just perform async http calls to the service’s URL endpoint without using the JavaScript SDK.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @D_Williams,

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Please see the following section in the developer guide:

The code you download per the instruction there will demonstrate how your API services can be invoked from JS.


Thanks for the response Mark,

In our case it appears to take a little more config because it is an Angular app. I have read about importing the file into the “scripts” tag in the angular.json file and a few other file imports to get it working but still haven’t had any luck yet. I will keep pursuing that route however as I feel there is a solution on the short horizon.

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