Any thoughts on how to implement a full sync?


I’d like to know how one would go about a full sync if I am to implement an offline capability of my android app? Normally this will be done once every new install.

I’ve read that pageSize is limited to 100 at most.


Hi Allen,

What do you mean by a “full sync” and how is it related to the page size?

Sorry for the confusion.

I wanted to store data locally thru SQLite. So whenever a data is created on the server, it will also be created locally. If for instance I uninstalled the app and then re-installed it later on, I would like to download all data from server to my local database.


Thanks for clarification.

Backendless doesn’t provide any full data download API, so you have to load it manually with a bunch of requests. And yes, the page size limit is 100, so for bigger tables you’ll need to have multiple requests.

But I would advice you to only store locally the most critical data, so that it will save you space on the device and also will be faster since you’ll need to download less.

Ok. Sounds good.