Any type of introductory consultation?

Hey Mark et all,

I’ve made my way through missions to get the springboard account and I’m starting to get things setup.

I’ve got my UI built out in Figma and I’m using Bravo Studio so it’s on to backendless now.

I’m not seeing a ton of documentation on the two pieces of software working together.

I’m curious if you offer any kind of consultation, like 15 - 30 minute type of deal to help people new to app development?

I’m wanting to make sure I’m not missing anything obvious that someone more experienced would spot right away, or that I’m not going down the complete wrong path with my database setup?

And just would like to give a brief description of my project to just get any quick advice or suggestions on optimal ways to proceed with backendless?

Paid, or maybe something that comes with paid service? Or should I just ask questions here in the forums?

Appreciate any advice!

Hello @Casey_Whitcher!

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation for Bravo Studio yet.
But I’ve put together for you a list of our database video tutorials that can help you get started with Backendless:
First Steps - Developing a Basic App with Database Integration
Database Integration - Saving data in the database
Updating an object in Backendless database using Codeless
How to fetch data from the database with related records/objects
How to retrieve related data with a single Codeless API call

About paid consultation, yes it is possible, for more information please contact our sales

You can also ask any questions in this forum and we will be happy to assist you!


Thanks so much!

One question, (that I’m thinking is probably a long subjective answer)

How would you handle a database that mixes existing public data, with private data that follows the same schema?

Would I create separate tables for public and private, or mix them together with a field that identifies them as public or belonging to the user?

For instance… let’s say you have a recipe app that stores users recipes only they can see.

They can use existing categories, meal types, and methods, or, create their own.

So each recipe will have:

Thumbnail Image
ingredients(text only)

Then the part I’m unsure about let’s say I provide:

Publicly available:
Categories 3 [French, American, Mexican]
Meal Type 3 [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]
Method 3 [Sautee, Grill, Bake]
Generic images 20 (to be used if the person doesn’t have a photo for the above 3 )

Then a user could also add additional private categories, types, methods, images to their own recipe items, not viewable to any other users.

Example Private items:

Categories: [Italian, Thai, Mom’s Southern, Jimmy’s Secret, …]
Meal Type: [Brunch, After Workout, Midnight Snack, … ]
Methods: [Broil, Vitamix, Reverse Sear, Air Fry, … ]

Icons for the above data could be chosen from the existing bank of images, or the user could upload their own.

Then also, users could create lists of these to sort by that are not permanent: [ Favorites, October diet, Pam’s Birthday Dinner ]

This is what I was thinking, but I think I’m doing this wrong:

Tables - [Columns]

Categories - [ name(string), icon(File reference), privacy-user/public(Boolean)]
Meal Types - [ name(string), icon(File reference), privacy-user/public(Boolean)]
Method - [ name(string), icon(File reference), privacy-user/public(Boolean)]
Icons - [ name(string), image(File reference), type(Multiple Choice), privacy-user/public(Boolean)]
List - [name(string) (PK), recipe (FK)]
Recipe - [ name(string) (PK), image(file reference) , directions(text), ingredients(text), category (FK), mealtype (FK), Method (FK), List (FK) ]

appreciate any advice or guidance!

I think I would use a database structure like this to solve this task: