API Body is empty

I called the api and it’s respond 200-OK but no data on body. How to call other api that include data. I can’t find the sample or documentation. Thank

In the screenshot you showed:

  1. the http request does not return any data
  2. The API service does not return any data

What do you expect?

Perhaps starting with a description of what you want to accomplish, what you tried, what you expected to happen would go a long way and helped us help you.

I want to call other api from backendless and get the data. I am using the sample api for testing purpose. How can I achieve that. Can i get any documentation or tutorial for that test case. Thank and best regards, Lwin Min Oo

There is a single block to use. The block can be configured with the most fundamental data elements of ANY API request:

  1. URL
  2. Method (get, post, put, delete)
  3. Headers
  4. Request body

If these concepts are foreign or unknown to you, please take a moment and study about API and rest requests… There are plenty of resources on the internet, just start using google.

Once you understand how to structure a REST request, things will be clear.

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