Api Call counter Reset date

Hello, Right now i am using free version of backendless but yesterday i received email stating that you have reached 90% of usage, My question is when api calls counter is reset i mean the date? is this reset every 1st of the month?

Hello @Hamza_Asghar

Welcome to the community and thank you for trying out Backendless!

The counter will be reseted on the Next Billing Date

Regards, Vlad

Hello Vladimir ,
Thanks for your reply but i am currently using free trail version of backendless, there’s no billing date, i am further attaching screenshot kindly have a look.

what’s your appId?

app ID : A8C02132-F661-4092-FF63-B411E2324300

Seems like this is a bug in the UI, we are going fix it as soon as possible.
According to your Next Billing Date it is 1629580987000 Sun Aug 22 2021 00:23:07 GMT+0300 (Eastern European Summer Time)