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API for Backendless maintenance or update announcements

Hey guys,

yesterday with all the outages I got this idea:
It would be nice to have a REST API on your side which announces maintenance windows, update windows or when you suffer a downtime of your services. This API should be not running on the Backendless Cloud to work when the Cloud is down/not reachable.

This would be nice, so we can announce these maintenance/update windows on our website automatically and prepare our customers for it.
So far I used Uptimerobot to query one of my custom API endpoints every 5 minutes to detect if the cloud is reachable and display something on our website and app when a downtime is detected. But announcements for maintenance/updates in advance automatically would be cool.

What do you think about this?

Best regards,

Hi, Jonas!

Thanks for your suggestion for improvement our services. We’ll discuss it.

Regards, Andrew.