Api method has regressed

Hey guys I’ve got a big problem, for some reason this API method has regressed, it was working fine and now its just not working and when I open it all my codeless logic has disappeared.

The API Method : CreateCandidates
The API Service : backendemployers
My App Id : 91B1BBBC-51BA-F6F3-FFC0-EDF5487CA600

I’m not sure if this is a result of the backendless outage 2-3 hrs ago, but I’m struggling to understand why its happened. Please assist asap as this is happening in my production.

Hello @Arnold_N

We will investigate your problem and report the result as soon as possible.


Hello @Arnold_N

Could you please try to restore your logic using the local ChangeLog

Regards, Vlad

@vladimir-upirov please look at the image…the changelog does not show me my previous working versions…please note that before this bug i had built this method with multiple blocks of codeless logic and now it just shows this. Please check history of this method for the last version with multiple blocks of codeless logic. Thanks

I’m not sure but try checking for the version from 24 hrs ago…

@Arnold_N, unfortunately, we have no way to restore this business logic.

Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya is there a way for me to automatically take versioned backups of codeless logic without necessarily using your changelog as this is not the first time this has happened. Then i can revert changes manually. Please let me know.

@Arnold_N unfortunately, you cannot make a backup copy of the Codeless business logic.