API request, fetch records where "field" contains "value"


Using the api call here: Search with the Where Clause - Backendless REST API Documentation or any other method, is it possible to fetch all records where a specific field contains a specific value. How could I achieve this? I dont see contains on that doco page.

Also could you share an example API request that checks two fields, so fetch all records where name = value AND where otherfield = value2

Also just to confirm, I can only fetch 100 results at a time correct? So if I need to fetch 5000 records to display in a data table I have to do 50 api calls?


The very documentation link you referenced contains plenty of examples that demonstrate how to accomplish exactly what you’re asking about. Your where clause will look like this:

columnName = 'some value'

You got it here too:

columnName1 = 'some string value' and columnName2 = someIntegerValue

That is correct - with the Cloud version of Backendless your maximum page size is 100 records.