API request from JS service


Is it possible to make API requests from within a JS service, in the business logic section? I see it’s possible to so with codeless, but I can’t find any documentation on the syntax of doing the same thing from within the coding environment. I’m trying to ideally just send a GET request to twilio (for sms verification), and change a field in the database, if that request is successful


Hello Naaman,

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It is definitely possible to make external HTTP/S requests from your JS cloud code. Please see the following component which is included into the JS SDK (which you can from your JS Cloud Code):


Brilliant, thank you that’s exactly what I’m looking for :+1:

Just noticed in another thread you said you were in the final stages of a twilio extension on the marketplace. Do you have a rough timeline for this please? I’m looking to finish the product this week, so if it’s soon I will hold off this implementation

Hi Naaman,

I’m sorry, but it will take longer than a week for us to finalize it.