API service logic not accessible, "internal error"

Application ID: AE4235E1-DBB7-C6F0-FF4A-E0378B0B2B00

Oops. An internal error [fffc5e32e9b8d337c43574695976997e] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later

Problem description

Navigating to API service stripe//confirm_student_subscription_payment_intent, clicking on “Logic” shows “Something went wrong🙁”.

Steps to reproduce

See above

Please describe steps to reproduce starting from the first action.

See above

Hello @Alex_Klein

I was able to reproduce your problem and have already created an internal ticket to resolve it. We will let you know the result as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Hi @Alex_Klein

Sorry for the delay with the response!
We just checked your app and found in the deployment model “teacherMembership” the API Service “stripe” doesn’t have an XML file which describes the logic for the “confirmStudentSubscriptionPaymentIntent” method.
Since it was some time ago it’s quite difficult to find the reason what exactly could have gone wrong, so, please let us know if you need help with the method restoration.


Hi @vladimir-upirov yes would be great to learn how we can restore the method :grinning:

Your logic has been restored

Great, thank you :heart_eyes:

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