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App blocked due to limit exceed!

(Abbas Hassan) #1

Our app is well below the monthly limit. We have used approximately 5 million API calls out of 40 million allowed API calls. And we are getting error on dashboard:

“Your application has exceeded a limit of the undefined on the current plan. All API calls are now blocked until the limits are increased.”

Would you please care to tel us why is that so? Why do you guys block an app without any prior notification, even when we are within allowed limits? Please let us know what the issue is and solve this issue as soon as possible.

Application ID:

(Mark Piller) #2

Hello Abbas,

We are looking into it.


(Abbas Hassan) #3

Thank you. Hoping for a resolution soon.

(Abbas Hassan) #4

Hello Mark?
Haven’t heard back from you. What’s taking so long to resolve this matter?

(Mark Piller) #5

Hello Abbas,

The application should be working now. It was blocked by the system because it was allocating all available JS code runners and resulted in neither your app not working nor others.

Thank you for your patience. We have made changes in the system that should prevent this from happening again.