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App broken with missing relations

(Marcio Prudencio) #1

Hi Guys, I was working on my cart and suddenly my App sent lots of errors and when I checked the database on Backendless I notice some relations in some columns just gone. Pic. attached.

Notes worth to point out:

  1. I was working with Get and delete method on another table (Basket) which has a relation 1:1 to (specials) the one who lost the relations.
  2. My Basket table has a relation to specials but the Specials table has no relation at all with the table Basket. This table shouldn’t be affected while I’m retrieving data from Basket table right?
  3. I don’t even know yet how to remove just a relation from a column much less from a related table.
  4. And I found some relations missing in other columns too.

Now I can’t set back the relations, even Backendless dashboard are not saving back a new relation when selected and don’t give me any alert or message.

How is that possible and what can I do to prevent it on production?

Looking forward to hearing from you;

(Jon Haraldsvik) #2

We’re also experiencing this issue on several of our projects

(Stian G. Gjerløw) #3

Following. This is a pretty critical issue, causing unexpected errors in our app.

(Jonas Eberhard) #4

We have the same issue, many relations are gone and I cannot create new once in the Console :confused:

That blocks your full app

(Mark Piller) #5

Please let us know your app ID so we can investigate it from our side.


(Jonas Eberhard) #6

My app ID is: 63087FF7-7E1D-973D-FF3B-D5F0740FA100

(Stian G. Gjerløw) #7

One of our affected applications: 11F854BB-9BC2-D018-FFF6-C05825AFEC00

(Marcio Prudencio) #8

My App ID: 9CA9AA41-6892-4A1E-FFB5-95DEAF5A4A00


(Mark Piller) #9

Thanks, guys. We’re looking into it.

(Mark Piller) #10

We have made a change which should return the previous (proper) behavior. Could you please verify in your apps that you can establish and delete relations again?


(Marcio Prudencio) #11

My relations are back Mark, thanks a milllion!

Taking advantage of the moment, there is a possibility to create a routine to save a daily backup of the database automatically to be restored later?

Kind Regards;

(Jon Haraldsvik) #12

Seems to work for us too!

(Mark Piller) #13

Glad it works again for you. To export the data you can use the Manage > Export functionality in Backendless console.


(Marcio Prudencio) #14

Hi Mark, the products are not loading anymore… I can see the relations are there but now the request brings me an empty object. Any possible another linking reason?

On this request, I was loading the products using the user location… was working fine until restore the relations. Any idea?

(Mark Piller) #15

Hi Marcio,

The reason you’re getting an empty object is because your security permissions do not allow data retrieval from that table for a non-authenticated user:

Hope this helps.


(Marcio Prudencio) #16

Thanks Mark, you’re right. I checked FIND for both highlighted users and now is loading.


(Jonas Eberhard) #17

All relations are back and I can add/remove them from the console. Thank you very much for the quick help :slight_smile: