App canceled "failed automatic dunning process"

My app has been canceled and the reason give in “Canceled after failed automatic dunning process expired”. I am attaching a screenshot. Please advise me on how to get this problem fixed. Thank you.

Here is a screenshot:

Hello @Andrea_Ryan

The subscription was canceled after 5 unsuccessful subscription payments. Are you ready to pay your subscription now?


Thanks for getting back to me. We were having some cash flow issues, but I transferred the funds for the subscription and they should be in the account by Friday. Can you charge the account Friday 6/14 for the subscription. Thank you.

Hi @Andrea_Ryan ,

Sure we can do that. Please provide your app ID so we can find your subscription and reactivate it.

Regards, Andriy

@Andrea_Ryan ,

Subscription for your app has been reactivated.

Regards, Andriy