App Container vs Navigation Block

I’m having some difficult understanding the App Container:

I’ve used the Container Control, creating multiple cells as needed. That’s easy.

But the can’t quite see the difference between creating the App Container and a creating a New Page.

What I was really looking for I found. It’s called a Navigation Block. I searched youTube and the Codeless Documentation Page for “navigation” with no results. So I’d also like to know how that is created, and also added to subsequent pages. (Also searched this forum.)

Also… just discovered Backendless Navigator. Something I missed.
A built in search bar for anything and everything Backendless.
Though… nothing about Navigation Blocks.

Hi Paul,

There is no such component as “Navigation Block”. In the screenshot you included, it is just a component ID:

As a component, it is just a Block.

Regarding “App Container”:

  • A container is a collection of pages.
  • You can have multiple containers
  • When you publish an app, you publish the current container
  • A container always has the default (“Home”) page. This is the page that opens when you navigate to the app.
  • Containers can be “cloned” - when you create a new container, you can select to “fork” an existing one. This is one to enable primitive versioning of your app

Hope this helps.