App Data and Page Data become null/empty object after refreshing the page

Hi all,

I saw that the UI builder App Data and Page Data become empty/or null objects after refreshing the page. And it makes all the data stored in them disappear (Data I stored in : info about logged user, some other data that determine with item should be displayed etc.).

I want to know then if there is a way to prevent losing such data after refreshing the page or if there is onather way such as using session etc.

Thanks in advance.

I have exactly the same :slight_smile:

Guys, could you please record a screencast demonstrating the problem?

Check my app 618594EC-B456-4DF2-8DCD-78C3E713EC13. Click any travel request, it shows properly. Then do F5, all data is gone.

In that case it works as designed. When you do F5 the app/page is reloaded, it is the same as sending the URL for that very page to someone else. If you need to persist data across page reloads, consider saving it in local storage.

Can I pass data from one screen to another in the URL and use that?

Thanks @mark-piller for your response. But is there a way to use session in this case ? I think session data is sometimes the best way to keep some informations even if the user refresh the page…

Yes, the Go To Page block has the “data” connector. Anything you put there will be a part of the URL.

Sessions are typically implemented either as a cookie or a URL parameter. If the data you need to persist originates within the page itself, then local storage is the best solution. Did you see the Codeless blocks for that?


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Sorry that I can’t find it myself…But how do I retrieve data from the URL?

Data passed through that connector will automatically end up in Page Data.

This is great stuff, thanks!

Ok, I think then using cookies should be the best alternative.

Thank Mark.