App deleted

i deleted my app called : students

please, can you help me gets it back?

Hi @1120,

Which billing plan was your app at?

i think it was Springboard

In that case, we are sorry, but we don’t have backups for free plans.
Backups are created only for paid plans (Cloud9, Cloud99).

Hope you haven’t lost a lot of work. When deleting an application, a window appears to confirm the action. Without this, it was impossible to delete the application. I think we can improve this experience so that our users are more careful when deleting an application (with an additional confirmation by typing the DELETE word). But in your case, it looks like you deleted it consciously and then realized it was the wrong decision. Unfortunately, we cannot help you here.

We hope this will not affect your desire to create, I’m sure, your amazing product using our platform. We look forward to seeing it in the future!

Best Regards,