App table disappeared from the console after a new table was created through the API

I have been using the API for a few days now, I stored some data using the API (on iOS) and as expected a table was created for that class. But when I did store another class the first one (table) disappeared from the console!
The data seems to be there as I am loading them inside my app and I can see the relations in the console too.
Thanks for your help

I just realised that the table is hidden in Google Chrome but it shows up in Safari!
Might be something to do with Chrome, but I have attached the screenshot, there should be two App Tables not one,


Hi, Mu,

First of all reset your browser cache,
If it does not help, drag your system tables down, maybe your table is “hidden”?

Best, Artur

Hi Matin,

try to drag down the System Tables panel. It’s draggable and your table may just hidden there.


Guys, thank you all for your help and prompt responses. It was indeed hidden behind the System Tables panel!

Just a quick suggestion to avoid issues as such in the future, maybe add a little icon to the System Tables header to show that it can be dragged :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Can you post a screenshot of you data tab here?