APP Tables section is missing or not showing in backendless console

Backendless Version (6.5.0, Online ) - Console

Application ID - 87FE5515-A5E0-AEAC-FFC3-EBA77352A000

Expected Behavior - APP Tables section was showing before alowing working with tables

Actual Behavior - APP Tables section is NOT present in Chrome, nor in Firefox

Hi @Zupa_Muke_Isusove,

we are looking into it…


Could you please describe how you created the app? The reason I am asking is that your app name contains spaces, but Backendless doesn’t allow space characters in the app name.



Hard to say, that was few years ago, different version of backendless console then. Until last week that was not problem, app tables section was there.
If for some reason spaces in app name now produce problem, new app can be created and data migrated. If free billing plan supports migrating data?


We can rename your current app. Please let us know its new name if you’d like to proceed.
It will take some time for changes to apply.

Of course, please rename it like: zupa_vukomerec

Ok, it’s processing now. We’ll let you know once your app is renamed.


Thank You

It was quick this time. Should be ready now, could you please check and confirm if the sidebar is visible for you now?

Yes, that’s it! App tables section is now visible.

Best regards,

You’re welcome!