APP VIEW date conditions not working

App ID - 45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000

APP VIEW ‘schedulesView’
In ‘Designer’ the filter to view only ‘tomorrow’ dates works and displays correctly.
But when Designer filter saved and I try to view in ‘Data Browser’ there are no data displayed.
I have been using the app view for several months but recently within the last 2 weeks the view has stopped functioning.

I’m using Microsoft Edge on Mac M1

Hello, @Paul_HIllen.

Thank you for your feedback. I created an internal ticket to invvestigate this issue.

Regards, Nikita.

Hi @Paul_HIllen,

As I see the nextDate column does not contain values for this condition. These 2 objects you saw in the Designer tab have nextDate values of 08/30/2023. Do you have something different?

So, in my case, both tabs the Designer and the Data Browser for the View schedulesView are empty.


Hi Marina,
You updated nextDate in scheduleAssign to test BUT when I look at the view ‘scheduleView’ the ‘nextDate’ in design mode is 08/31/2023. As you are aware the view ‘scheduleView’ is taking the data from the table - ‘scheduleAssign’.

How can the data in the view be different to the source data in the table?

@Paul_HIllen, The screenshots I provided were from your app. I did not change anything there. It was updated before I entered your app:

As you see, we have the same values for the nextDate column in the source app. So it is interesting why you have different dates in the View. May I ask you to check in incognito mode?


@Paul_HIllen, we were able to reproduce this behavior. The problem is related to the different time zones sent on the Designer and Data Browser tabs. On the Designer tab, the console is currently sending local time, which is why objects appear there. Whereas on the Data Browser tab, the objects appear in UTC. We have created a ticket to fix this behavior - BKNDLSS-33670.