Appgyver + Backendless Updating fields based on ID

Anyone experienced in Appgyver able to guide a little?

Summary of issue: Registration page created, email and password stored in Backendless users table.
Trying to link info added by the subsequent pages to the objectId created from the current registered user. So that all info updated can be added to this specific user’s Backendless row.

On the registration page, after creating record and creating page variables for email and password, I then created a data variable for objectId. My idea is to link the id just created to be data variable which can be accessed on subsequent pages.

On the 2nd page, the first step was to GET record based on the above data variable for objectId. → Set page variables for username, birthdate → UPDATE record for page variables (username, password), id is output of GET record.

However, when I run it on app, the error pops up ’ Missing required parameter: id’. That means it’s still stuck on the GET stage. But I’ve no idea what to change.

I’ve been trying different things to work this out these few days, to no avail.
Appgyver’s personnel reply too slowly, if they ever do, so I thought of seeking help here.

If you need screenshots on the data variables, GET, PUT, page variables or anything, lmk. :smiley:

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :pray:

Much thanks in advance!

Hi Troy,

The essence of the question is how to pass data between pages in appgyver. Unfortunately, I am not an expert in appgyver. The functionality you are asking about is rather fundamental. Have you thought of asking appgyver support how to get it done? I am pretty sure there has to be a solution to this.


Hi Mark, thanks for your reply. Will try it out. Just trying my luck here to see if there are any Appgyver users. hahahaha :laughing:

Hi Mark, I’ve solved it

It was really something simple. So I’m gonna lay it here if people need it in the future.

Created app variable as currentUser (value = text)

After Create Record on the register page, I connected to it a Set App variable tab. Variable name was alrdy currentUser. Assigned value: outputs[“Create record”].response.objectId (using formula). (the objectId created from the create record will be passed on as app variable.)

For the next page, I didn’t even include Get Record. Bcos i assumed that having app variable as currentUser would alrdy pass the objectId along.

So, for Update Record, my structure is as seen as the screenshot below:
Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 6.39.02 PM

I find that connecting your Appgyver app to debugger helps a lot. Bcos you can see everything that’s happening and you know where the screw up is.


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Hello Troy, do you have logic setup to set the user App Variable to OwnerID after login (to later be used to update? Could you please share your setup steps from API to the flow nodes properties used to create this function? I tried setting up the login with API Post to /users/login, but stumped at figuring out getting the ownerId output to update the user App Variable (OwnerID). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.