AppGyver Config Notes - Error 404 on test of Rest User Registration call

Hi All,

I’ve seen this reference posted before so was trying to follow it

and I was following it but I’m getting this error message in AppGyver when I attempt to run the TEST api call…

"Error:JSON error response from server {“code”:8002,“Message”:"Could not parse request with message:, status code 404

These are my properties :

and registration is enabled (currently set to email authentication but user fails too)

Can you see anything obviously wrong ?

Hi Graham,

Have you verified the request against our REST API documentation?



try using Users and Register (in your URL) in small register… It turned out to be a little pun, but I hope you understand what I mean.


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hey thanks @stanislaw.grin I now get this though …!

Do you have something here?

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Thank you - I must have removed the “*” at some point the entry was just blank.

Thanks again !