Application keeps getting blocked on random days

Error: API request rejected. Multiple location access requires SuperScaling.

My application was blocked on the 14th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 26th and today…

As requested I’m opening a support ticket to figure out where the requests to my application are coming from. I’m sure the key is only being used by one app but it keeps getting blocked because of the multiple location access…

Application ID: 25E0B0FB-A633-9969-FFEE-B09607EAAC00

Kind regards,

Hello, @Birger_Huysmans1.

Below are the addresses from where the application is being accessed:
1) “”
2) “”
3) “”
4) “”
5) “”
6) “”
7) “”
8) “”
9) “”
10) “”

Regards, Nikita.

Is there any way to know which platform this is? Cause my application only runs on Android. There should not be access from any other source…

Hi @Birger_Huysmans1!

Unfortunatelly no.
About periodical API blocking. “Springboard” was introduced to help developers to create their apps - during development of app they do not pay for service except “one-time” payment for “Springboard”. It doesn’t provide “Super scalling” option.

So when your app reaches production and starts to use a lot of resources it will be blocked without “Super scalling” option enabled.

I have looked at your app and it actually looks like app in production. I would recommed you to move subscription to “Cloud 9/99” to avoid API blocks in future.

Regards, Andriy