Application not found by domain


When trying to access my app from different clients, I get the following error :

{“code”:9070,“message”:“Application is not found by domain ‘’. Please contact support to fix the issue.”,“errorData”:{}}

Could you please come back to me quite quickly about what is happening ? Thanks !

Note : mydomain above obviously replaces my real subdomain.

Hi, @Nicolas_REMY

Out developers are already looking to the issue.



The issue has been fixed. Can you confirm that everything is working as it should now?

Regards, Marina

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Yes it looks OK. Thanks


As a follow-up to this short-lasting event, I would like to know if there is a way, when designing my mobile app, to mitigate this situation.

Because it is a mobile app, the user will have the UI files locally, but the server connection will break. Of course in the case of a 404 it’s already taken care of, but for a server error or an unresponsive server, how do you recommend dealing with this situation so that instead of errors everywhere the user can instead see a nice error message ?

Thanks for your feedback.

@Nicolas_REMY, a situation like this should not happen again, it was caused by a configuration issue in our custom domain.